Bidding Prayer

Oh God our shelter, cover, and our rock (from Psalm 27:5) we come to you today out of our isolation knowing that through community you bring us wholeness.  Yet how can we be in community when we remain separated.  Show us ways in which we can be a whole community while we are apart.  We realize that it is through prayer together, in our individual locations that we can best become a community of faith.  And so today we pray together.

We pray this day for all who have been isolated by this forced quarantine and also for those who feel separated from the community of faith.

(Silent Prayer)

We pray for those who are ill. We pray especially for those with COVID-19, for all whose necessary treatments have been delayed because of the impact of the virus upon our Healthcare system.

(Silent Prayer)

We pray for all healthcare workers and first responders, especially those on the front lines of the fight with the virus.  We include in prayer all those who confront this virus through their current employment such as custodians, lab techs, grocery store employees, mail carriers, and others.

(Silent Prayer)


We pray for educators and their students trying to facilitate learning in new ways.  May the educational process continue in spite of what has happened.


(Silent Prayer)


We pray for those individuals who are out of work and for families who are facing the crisis from a lack of income.


(Silent Prayer)


 We pray for government leaders, local, state, Federal and those around the world.  Give them wisdom and understanding as they strive do their best to lead their people through this fight with and this invisible enemy.


(Silent Prayer)


We pray for those in volunteer positions who are giving their time and effort at the risk of their own health to serve others.


(Silent Prayer)


Finally, we pray for one another and all of the many other groups we have not mentioned.  We pray that through this common prayer God’s miracles will take place.


(Silent Prayer)


We lift up all of these prayers to you loving God in the name of your Son Jesus Christ our Savior.  Amen


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