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What is a Moravian?

A Believer in the Lord Jesus Christ:

Who is the Holy Son of God who died on a Cross and rose from the grave for the sins of the world. We are saved by His grace and given new life by the power of His Holy Spirit.

A Member of the Oldest Protestant Church:

The Moravian Church traces roots back to 1415 and the martydom of John Hus. We have a rich history and many traditions. There are opportunities for worship, fellowship, study, personal growth, and service to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

A Person Who Lives a Practical Life: 

Moravians emphasize faith as daily living with Jesus - a faith that is alive is a faith that is worth living. The congregational life is marked by Christian love, as reflected in denominational motto:

In essentials, unity, In nonessentials, liberty; In all things love.


The foundations and guiding principle is the love of God; the love of Christ that is within us, and flows out of us to everyone around us.


As Moravians, we love each other and work together as we experience God with one another. The common thread is love and the one essential. 


A Little Bit More About the History of the Moravian Church

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